The future of work is distributed.
A future where people work and create on their own terms.
Focused on what matters to them, compensated fairly.

The boundaries between companies and individuals blur. In network-driven industries like recruiting and sales it is all about working with the right people. However, coordinating large groups of independent actors is though. Frivolous brand building, politics and rent-seeking will not do.

We need a compass for competence, based solely on the track record of each participant. We need a backbone for private, personal business. This is why we built Primeflow.


Daniel Svonava

Co-founder, Technology

Previously Team Lead at Google (forecasting systems). 2nd-time founder.

Jan Baeriswyl

Co-founder, Business

Previously at Google & Earlybird VC, blockchain consultant.

Coming soon

Sales & Operations

Prev. Head of Sales at a Scale Up

Jan vidic


Prev. Software agency CTO

Balazs Kemenes


Prev. Head of Development in IoT

Coming soon




Strategy & Business

Investor at KPCB and partner at Flight VC

Mathieu Chanson

Mechanism design & Privacy

PhD at ETH, Post-doc at NYU

Kristina Barger

Behavioural economics & UX

Cognitive sciences at NYU & UCL

Dimitri De Jonghe

Security & Machine Learning

Co-founder at Ocean Protocol, Keyko