The future of work is distributed.

A future where people work and create on their own terms. Focused on what matters to them, compensated fairly.

The boundaries between companies and individuals have blurred. In network-driven industries, such as recruiting and sales, it is all about working with the right people. However, coordinating large groups of independent actors is difficult. Frivolous brand building, politics and rent-seeking will not do.

We need a compass for competence, based solely on the track record of each participant. We need a backbone for private, personal business. This is why we built Primeflow.


Daniel Svonava

Co-founder, Technology

Previously Team Lead at Google (forecasting systems). 2nd-time founder.

Jan Baeriswyl

Co-founder, Business

Previously at Google & Earlybird VC, blockchain consultant.

Coming soon

Sales & Operations

Prev. Head of Sales at a Scale Up

Jan vidic


Prev. Software agency CTO

Balazs Kemenes


Prev. Head of Development in IoT

Coming soon




Strategy & Business

Prev. investor at KPCB and Flight VC

Mathieu Chanson

Mechanism design & Privacy

PhD at ETH, Post-doc at NYU

Kristina Barger

Behavioural economics & UX

Cognitive sciences at NYU & UCL

Dimitri De Jonghe

Security & Machine Learning

Co-founder at Ocean Protocol, Keyko