Deep networking

The art of collaboration in recruiting, sales and VC.

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Value below
the surface.


Team up with new partners and old contacts - on Primeflow.


Deals over email, candidates in messenger, client leads on Slack? Primeflow ties it all together.


Beneath the chatter, business gets done. With Primeflow, promises are kept, success is recognised and people get paid.


Primeflow partners are well-connected in tech and business with access to talent and clients. The best partners manage their own partner networks, collaborating at scale without having to form a company.

You bring yours

Onboard existing connections to drive engagement and improve coordination.

We bring ours

Our super-connectors work with you on identifying and onboarding the ideal partners.

Make connections count.

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High quality

Our reputation engine  ensures the quality of introductions.

At Scale

Start with a few high-quality partners who grow your network.

With the right people

Build long term business relationships on fair rewards.