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A scalable acquisition channel that actually works.

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Collaborate at scale

Find better leads

  • Ads or outsourcing are expensive and often yield poor results.
  • People in your extended network already have access to the best leads - turn them into Scouts with Primeflow.

Expand your reach

  • Coffee chats don’t scale. Email outreach isn’t engaging enough.
  • Primeflow reaches deep into your extended network by providing a scalable collaboration platform.

Build effective partnerships

  • One-off referrals and favours fail to establish repeated behaviour.
  • Getting successful Scouts paid through Primeflow establishes a sustainable channel.

How it works

1. Create a Prime

A Prime is an opportunity you are looking to fill - a job, a sale or an investment. Describe it and attach a reward to encourage your network to find a match.

Prime Name
ML Engineer in London
Series B funded RegTech startup is looking for a ML-focused tech lead.
£ 2,000

2. Engage your network

Reach out to the relevant connections who will then forward your request into their network. Primeflow lets you create links that can easily be shared on any channel (Email, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, ...).

3. Manage your leads

Your scouts and their networks discover leads and share the most relevant ones with you. Contact the promising ones and apply your standard selection process to choose your match.

4. Match, Reward, Repeat

Access better leads and opportunities to grow your revenue. By sharing rewards, you encourage repeated surfacing of the best leads. After confirming a match, rewards are automatically paid out.

Partner up with your network to grow business with Primeflow

Primeflow enables you to:

  • Find high-quality leads through your extended network
  • Track reputation and deliver rewards on success
  • Create long-term partnerships with your scouts

Insights: On human networks

What is the cost of spamming your network?

Spam is a systematic problem created by the economics of online messaging. We elaborate on why we think a reputation system is needed to solve the issue and explain how we go about testing our hypotheses for an adequate design through agent-based simulations.

Daniel Svonava
January 13, 2020
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The future of recruiting is tapping into the intelligence of human networks

PrimeFlow is about unlocking the power of your network to find better candidates. What power, you ask?

Jan Baeriswyl
November 19, 2019
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Introducing PrimeFlow

After a successful period of research and building, we are excited to introduce PrimeFlow.

Jan Baeriswyl
November 19, 2019
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Meet the team

Daniel Svonava

Daniel Svonava


Previously Team Lead at Google (forecasting systems). 2nd-time founder.

Jan Baeriswyl

Jan Baeriswyl


Previously at Google & Earlybird VC, blockchain consultant.

Jan Vidic

Jan Vidic


Previously software agency CTO; startup founder.

Balazs Kemenes

Balazs Kemenes


Previously Head of Development in IoT startup.


Nancy Fechnay

Nancy Fechnay

Strategy and business.

Investor at KPCB and partner at Flight VC.

Mathieu Chanson

Mathieu Chanson

Mechanism design, software architecture, privacy.

PhD @ ETH Zurich.

Kristina Barger

Kristina Barger

Behavioural economics & UX.

Cognitive scientist (NYC/UCL).

Dimitri De Jonghe

Dimitri De Jonghe

Data security, mechanism design.

Serial entrepreneur (data and ML).