Build a relationship
driven business

It’s time to focus on your biggest advantage - your relationships. Partner up with your network and drive business. Our software takes care of everything else.

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Define the referral terms with your clients and onboard your partners. Primeflow gives everybody a seat at the table and puts you in control.


Deliver high quality prospects at scale. Primeflow enables your partners to onboard their own network and drive quality with a value-based reputation engine.


Once you find the right candidate or sales prospect, Primeflow collects the payment from your client and delivers it into your and your partners' bank accounts.

Our partners get it

Joona Mäntyvaara
B2B Sales Leader

“I use the Primeflow software to build new sales channels for my clients. By connecting industry-relevant partners with clients, we are building affiliate sales programs. Primeflow facilitates smooth collaboration with all involved parties.”

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James Brayshaw
Enterprise Sales Leader

“At Winshaw, we are using Primeflow to pioneer a new network-based approach to lead generation. With it, we accelerate our client`s revenue growth. Primeflow helps manage a network of sales partners in an efficient and accountable way.”

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Juho Toivola
HR Leader & Entrepreneur

“With Primeflow, my clients can define a job opening and the finders fee. It's private to me and my partners because Primeflow is not an open marketplace. I’m building a network of trust and a community-driven recruiting operation with Primeflow.”

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"Just the right mix of communication, process and payments."

Relationship-driven businesses come in many flavours. To see how Primeflow adjusts to almost any domain, check out the examples below.


Coordinate with clients, from a clear job description, through the short-list feedback and payments.

Run a network of commission-based scouts with direct access to your target talent pool - a university, technology sector or geography.


Collect demand from clients and assign it to partners. Curate leads to send back to the client and get rewarded once they convert.

Work with partners who have daily contact with valuable prospects through their job, community or network.

Build a relationship driven business

Connect, Organise and Reward.

Get our “Relationship-driven business manual”.
Invitation to our Pilot Program.