Introducing PrimeFlow

Jan Baeriswyl
November 19, 2019

After a successful period of research and building, we are excited to introduce PrimeFlow.

PrimeFlow motivates and engages personal networks through automated rewards and a reputation system.

Participants that make a successful deal happen are rewarded with cash bounties and reputation. This fosters a partnership that allows your network approaches to go further and return more opportunities.

PrimeFlow collects the most relevant opportunities for HR/staffing professionals, but ultimately for all businesses that rely on their professional networks (including sales, VC, etc.). We designed the product to unlock latent value in personal networks.

We are currently testing and iterating with early users, with both sides excited about the opportunities ahead. If you want to have a say in the development of PrimeFlow, sign up for testing here!

Example: a recruiter using PrimeFlow

PrimeFlow integrates seamlessly with existing workflows (starting with email) but tracks all the relevant actions in the background.

  1. A recruiter reaches out to their network in search of a JavaScript developer for a new role, ccing the PrimeFlow bot to track the request.
  2. The recruiter defines the reward and specifies details regarding the job opportunity on the PrimeFlow web interface.
  3. Their network suggests people they know, either a suitable candidate or another contact. The PrimeFlow bot follows the conversations and explains the system through automated emails.
  4. Incoming suggestions are ordered in relevance and the recruiter can engage with the most relevant candidates for further screening.
  5. The recruiters closes the deal after having found an excellent candidate.
  6. The people who contributed automatically get paid their share of the reward and their reputation increases.

Think of it as an automated referral program on steroids.

Opportunities can be shared over multiple hops whereas each actor has an incentive to only forward the most relevant ones — the fact that the outcome of each action is captured by the reputation score creates skin-in-the-game. PrimeFlow’s curation mechanism, building on the reputation of each participant, ensures that only the most relevant opportunities are surfaced. We are enthusiastic about our reputation system and will soon be releasing more details.

In a nutshell, PrimeFlow:

  • Improves the quality and relevance of the discovered opportunities and surfaces information that would otherwise remain hidden (e.g. passive job seekers).
  • Increases the efficiency of the process — facilitate a high signal-to-noise information exchange between people and automate the transactional aspect of the exchange.
  • Enables long-term mutually beneficial partnerships on the basis of meritocratic reward distribution and aligned incentives.
  • Is big on UX: easy-to-use and integrates with existing workflows.

Who is PrimeFlow for?

We focus on tech recruiting in our initial roll-out. However, one of the core principles of designing PrimeFlow is its generality. As a result, the tool is useful for any kind of business that relies on personal networks. This flexibility allows us to map onto real relationship structures, which may change across industries and over time.

PrimeFlow addresses key concerns for these audiences, especially that all information regarding candidates and other opportunities is only shared with specific trusted contacts, and that the reputation/curation system surfaces the most relevant opportunities, separating signal from noise.

Motivation and vision

We want to build technology to enable a new, distributed future of work.

We are on a mission to bring about a future where humans are empowered to work and create on their terms, rewarded proportionally on the tasks they can add the most value.

The boundaries between companies will start to blur and we will see an increasing number of networks of collaborators spanning different organisations and jurisdictions. We believe this is only possible if the value produced is shared in a fair manner. The collaboration of tomorrow will be online and global by default. PrimeFlow is the crucial next step in that direction.

Even before decentralized organizations will become the norm, it is possible to tap into the power of distributed networks and crowd wisdom while still functioning as a “normal” company. PrimeFlow is for those companies that realise the power of decentralised collaboration and want to get ahead of the parade. It offers the benefits of decentralised online collaboration without having to restructure core business processes.

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  • How do you currently engage with your network?
  • Will all organisations be decentralized?

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