Sell better, with partners

A complete solution to find, organise and reward sales partners for your business.

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Client acquisition is difficult.

Your business development channels fall short.
Stop burning money and invest into a partner network.

Lead databases

Only 1 in 100 cold leads convert. Clogging your sales process with low quality leads wastes time and increases costs.

No social proof

Low lead quality & relevance

More work for your sales team

Partner networks

There are people in your network who talk to your potential customers daily.

Let's get them on your side.

Warm introduction

Social proof & recommendation

Plugs into your current process

ROI-focused incentive model

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Internal sales team

A lean internal sales team is critical for closing deals. But for the upper funnel, retaining a large team of reps can be inefficient.


Inefficient for the upper funnel

Needs support through other channels

How it works

Build a partner-driven sales channel in 3 steps:‍

Find, Organise and Reward.


Start with a handful of high quality partners - ideally a mix of your best-performers and our super-connectors:

Onboard them to your network in a compliant way and explain the 'rules of the game'

Kick-off the collaboration around a specific client persona and a reward

Finally you don't have to:

Chase after introductions

Fix mismanaged expectations


Handful of partners, or thousands - with Primeflow the coordination is effortless:

Keep your partners up to date on your sales opportunities

Get all their leads in a unified channel, prioritised by our partner reputation engine

Transition the leads into your deal process seamlessly

No more dealing with:

Flood of leads with no way to prioritise

A mess of documents across email threads

Unaccounted referrals


Manage cash and reputation incentives to:

Enable your best partners to stand out

Drive lead quality and volume

Fuel the growth of your partner network

The best people are the busiest. Primeflow takes the hassle away, while deploying targeted incentives to get you on the daily agenda of the best partners out there.


Primeflow partners are well-connected in tech and business with access to valuable clients.
The best partners manage their own partner networks, collaborating at scale without having to form a company.

You bring yours

Onboard existing connections to drive engagement and improve coordination.

We bring ours

Our super-connectors work with you on identifying and onboarding the ideal partners.

Sell better,
with partners.

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High quality

The reputation engine ensures the quality of introductions.

At Scale

Start with a few high-quality partners who grow your network.

With the right people

Build long term business relationships on fair rewards.