You know people.
Let's make it count.

Primeflow connects companies with hand-picked partners for warm introductions in Recruiting, Sales and VC.

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Primeflow Partners

From San Francisco to London, Primeflow Partners are well connected in tech and business, with a range of profiles:


Industry leaders in HR, Sales and Investing. Our super-connectors help ensure our clients work with the right partners from the start.


Top billing recruiters and senior operators tend to go independent to capitalise on their network. Primeflow helps them stay organised and compliant.

Niche agencies

There are 1,000s of small agencies started each year. Most of them specialise - Primeflow allows them to collaborate with others to fulfill the combined needs of larger clients.


Some of our best partners did not spend decades building their network. They understand the market and show up at the right time and place to make the deal happen.

A new way to work independently

Connect people.
Get rewarded.

Take your social and business relationships to the next level and unlock their value.

Get paid

From a viable side-income to making this your full-time gig. Working with somebody means getting paid proportionally to the value you create.

Get recognised

Earn Primeflow reputation which helps you unlock new business and get noticed. It's based on your track record and partner network.

You know people.
Let's make it count.

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