We are excited to introduce Primeflow

Primeflow motivates and engages networks through automated rewards and reputation. All those who participate in a successful deal are rewarded with cash rewards and reputation. This fosters a partnership that allows your network approaches to go further and return more opportunities. 

The product allows companies looking for talent or clients to coordinate private Partner networks. These networks are scalable and engage proactively. Partners - trusted contacts from the companies’ extended network - who help make a successful match happen are rewarded with cash and reputation. The tool is designed to unlock latent value in personal networks.

Primeflow tracks activity, generates insights, and distributes rewards. The reputation of Partners is recording their contribution to the company and Primeflow uses the reputation system to ensure suggestions are of quality. We encourage long-term partnerships with the most relevant people in your network. Partners acquire better quality leads through personal contacts, repeatedly.

We are currently testing and iterating with early users. Early feedback has been exciting and we are looking forward to opening up beta testing to a larger audience soon.

Example: A recruiter using Primeflow

Primeflow integrates seamlessly with existing workflows (starting with email) but tracks all the relevant actions in the background. 

1. A recruiter creates a new opportunity for a JavaScript developer on the Primeflow web application. 

2. The recruiter defines the job, a suitable candidate’s qualifications, and the conversion point of the lead. Most often, recruiters would also add a cash reward to the opportunity, which is paid out to Scouts automatically upon converting a successful lead. 

3. The recruiter then creates personalized links and shares them with a handful of relevant personal contacts over email, whatsapp, and wherever else they communicate. 

4. These contacts are onboarded on Primeflow and encouraged to either submit a suitable candidate or further share the opportunity to their own contacts (in which case they share the reward). The recruiter is building their own scout network.

5. Primeflow gives the recruiter a clear view of the incoming leads to start the interview process AND a dashboard to review the activity of their scouts.

6. The recruiter hires the best candidate and reports the outcome to ensure their network gets paid and will surface more opportunities in future. 

7. At this point, the people who contributed get paid their share of the pre-specified reward automatically. Reputation scores track the value-add of everybody involved. Primeflow amplifies the voice of the successful scouts in future interactions.

Primeflow lets you run your own private Partner network and turns contacts into business partners.

Opportunities can be shared over multiple hops, but each Partner is incentivised to forward only the most relevant ones. The fact that each action is captured by the reputation score drives motivation to provide high-quality leads. Primeflow’s curation mechanism, building on the reputation of each participant, further ensures that only the most relevant opportunities are surfaced. We will publish details around how the reputation/curation mechanism works in the future. 

In a nutshell, Primeflow:

the relevance and quality of leads by leveraging personal connections and ranking leads based on the reputation of the sender. 

Enables long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships on the basis of meritocratic reward distribution and aligned incentives.

Increases efficiency and works at scale by automating any transactional aspects of the exchange and optimising for proactive modes of interaction. 

Who is Primeflow for?

We are focusing on tech recruiting at first, but ultimately, Primeflow is for all businesses that rely on their professional networks (including sales, VC, real estate, etc.). This flexibility allows us to map onto real relationship structures, which may change across industries and over time.

Primeflow addresses key concerns for these audiences, such as privacy and relevance. All information regarding candidates and other opportunities is privileged and only shared with specific trusted contacts. 

Motivation and vision

We want to build technology to enable a new, distributed future of work. We are on a mission to bring about a future where humans are empowered to work on their terms and collaborate seamlessly. 

Prediction: The boundaries between companies will start to blur and we will increasingly see distributed networks of collaborators emerging which span across organisations and jurisdictions. 

We believe this is only possible if the value produced is shared in a fair way. Global online collaboration will be the default. Primeflow is the crucial next step in that direction. 

Even before decentralised organisations become the norm, it is possible today to tap into the power of distributed networks and the self-organising crowd while still functioning as a “normal” company. Primeflow is especially for those companies that already realise the power of network-based collaboration. It offers the benefits of distributed online collaboration without having to restructure core business processes. 

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- Will all organisations be distributed?

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